Silent Inauguration
Jan. 20, 2017 at 12 PM EST

A gathering of citizens, in silence, at the time of Donald Trump's inauguration

Silent Inauguration — What Is It?

The Silent Inauguration is a gathering of citizens in Nashville, on Inauguration Day, at the same time Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office. Rather than watch the inauguration on television, or take part in the program, we will come together and engage in silence.

The program is being developed. Please visit us again as details are ironed out. This much we do know. The event will be held at the Centennial Park band shell at 10:45 AM.

We will recite the pledge of allegiance, hear a prayer, and sing the National Anthem. And then at the moment—12 pm EST or 11 AM CST—that our new president takes the oath of office, we will observe 15 minutes of silence.

We will be civil—we will be orderly and lawful and show love and respect for our country. In contrast to the noise and vitriol of this presidential campaign, we will be quiet. In contrast to the demeaning rhetoric and hateful division towards our fellow Americans, we will offer support and community.

We will gather and be silent. Silence is a powerful thing.

Silence is a way to listen and to hear. Silence is a way to escape the shrill noise of the president-elect's words. Silence is an opportunity to meditate or pray. In silence, we can express gratitude, find courage, summon hope, and pray for peace and healing. In silence, we can say, “God help us, be with us at this moment, and heal our nation. To those our president has hurt, let us pray for them."

We invite everyone to attend the Silent Inauguration. Join us in a spirit of love for our nation. Come join us and help those who have been marginalized, criticized, and hurt. Come join us and show our president-elect that many millions reject his divisive messages and wish to turn away from his words of hate and exclusion.

Come join us.

Other Cities Taking Part

We encourage other citizens in other cities to host their own Silent Inaugurations. If you do so, we ask that you post your event information here. Let us know of your plans.

Those so inclined can host a big event in a spacious city park; others might want to have a small gathering in someone's house. One person can make his or her own Silent Inauguration. Just take a hike in the woods and, at 12 pm EST, sit still and be quiet.

When you get organized, let us know what you plan on doing. We will draw inspiration and ideas from you. The more the merrier. If our president-elect were to start taking his oath of office and giving his inauguration speech, and crowds of people across the country were to grow silent, that would be a powerful thing.

Participating Cities

  • Nashville, TN

    Centennial Park Band shell
    Just off 25th Ave N., in the park
    Nashville, TN 37203

  • Fredericksburg, VA

    Hurkamp Park
    726 William Street
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401

    Anne Little: Email
    Parking is available at the parking lot at Charles and Amelia, the parking garage at Charlotte and Sophia and street parking is available throughout the city.